proud to be a noy-pi

I am a Filipino-proud to be one, at least most of the time. Why wouldn’t i take pride of my being a noypi? We probably have the most confusing culture, norms, and beliefs. I must admit that there are a lot of times i wanted to put a brown paper bag in shame of what the Filipinos do-like voting for an actor for a president, or congesting to the metropolis only to become another member of the slums, or choosing a beauty pageant contestant who was not able to give a decent answer to a very simple question.

But I am still proud I belong to this race.Majority of the Filipinos are very intelligent. I spoke to an Australian during a vacation last year in Subic. He was a truck driver and I told him that Jojo and I are teachers. He said majority of the people here value education so much and that should be our edge. I agree with him on that note. It’s just sad that most of the time, the nation’s brilliant minds are either unrecognized or working in other country. 


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