Mobile junkie

I was just killing time yesterday at the cyberzone of sm manila, when I realized that there are just so many gadgets available in the market.

I wanted to grab as many as i could but i couldn’t really afford them. I still have my Nokia 5800 with me, and aside from it’s battery life and scratched surface, everything else is working fine. I only use it now for basic phone purpose. For a,ong time, it has served me well with everything else i do in my life, text, call, Fb, Youtube, music, videos, netsurfing, chat, take photos, take videos etc.
Last December, Jojo gave me my 32G ipod touch 4G, and minus the phone capability, i did evrything with it. My 5800 finally had it’s much deserving rest. Last July jojo surprised my with the 64G iPad2 and i did most of my online and office work with it, giving my ipod some slight rest, and my laptop some huge rest.

So i basically have everything i need in my bag on a daily basis (thanks to jojo for providing me with all these thingsi could barely afford) When I am done with my other needs, I’ll start raising for funds for a decent camera.

For now, ill just content myself looking as android, nokia, and apple continue to create awesome things they have not released y


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