A bag of water ( from warp 2k8 May 14, 2011)

I almost jumped out of the bus a while ago when the bus stopped due to traffic. Silly five star for tolerating seats along the aisle. I almost stepped on five men who were eagerly waiting for the bus to stop and for half the passengers get off marquee mall. i wasn’t eager. I was about to explode.
I yelled “manong bababa na ko” and made my way to the mall.
It was too difficult to bear.
I wanted to cry.
I wanted to shout.
I wanted to hit anyone on my way.

Then c.r.

I did what i had been dying to do since we strolled the wet road of Pulilan, Bulacan. Finally a relief.

That was the most fulfilling pee i had for the last month 😉


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