A lost ( from warp2k8 May 15, 2011)

He was in first year when i first met him in Sta. Ana, Manila. He was shy, polite, and diligent.
He was almost an average student, when i found out that he excels in some daring sports. That’s when I realized that the boy was not average at all. He may not want to talk a lot,but all the time i asked him to speak, he willingly obliged. No matter how lenghty all the assignments he was tasked to do, he complied with so much gusto. He wanted to learn and the boy proved that actions speak louder than words. As he progressed, he became more outspoken and more comfortable with his high school environment. I would often see him goofing around his classmates and friends. He would typically tease his friends, but i never heard anyone complained. His batchmates just loved his natural charm.
It was one day when before going home, i heard him scolding his younger brother who was engaged in a small fight, that i realized that he is a responsible sibling.
I knew that back then, he was trying to perfect his skills in racing, yet he managed to maintain good academic performance. When he finally marched the stage to accept his award for sports, i knew that he will go far.
A few months ago, in a coffee shop, I found a section from phil. daily inquirer that honored his achievements in his career as a racer. I kept that section, and mentioned his achievements in my class.
Last Thursday, i finally devided to invite him to be my friend in FB. i just checked that account last night and found out he accepted the invite. This afternoon, i saw an announcement announcing he needed blood donor. Tonight, my co teacher and a dear friend told me he passes away.
I am so sad , because he is very young.
I am so sad because i know he still is about to realized so many dreams.
I am so sad because his talent is still to inspire and to bring pride to our nation.
I am so sad because his classmates and friends since childhood just lost a charming buddy.
I am sad becuse his siblings lost a responsible brother and his parents lost a loving child.
I am so sad because i just lost one of the remarkable students i had, whom i failed to personally congratulate for all that he has achieved and whom i failed to thank personally, bec the kind of respect he has shown me and my work continues my faith and dedication in what I am doing.
Thank you Maico Greg. We shall miss you.


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