iBLOG (from warp2k8 account)

I started this account on 2008.

This is just one of the so many blogs i atempted to start but failed to update. There are just so many things i wanted to write about but everytime i start, i automatically censor my ideas and because of this, i eventually lost the passion to continue writing.
Of course that and the fact that on top of things i need to finish everyday, i am just too lazy to wait for my desktop or my laptop to load just so i can type and publish nonsense thoughts. By the time windows vista starts the welcome sound, im off to another task.
So now that i have two handheld devices that i can easily hook up with the internet, i think it’s high time i really give this a shot. Plus i need to try this app i got for free from appstore 🙂 if i find a similar app from ovi or from any site for my symbian phone, then i might really take this blogging stuff to another level. Update, this looks all the best in my ipad.

So finally after three years, my very own blog.


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