for better or for worse?

For today’s discussion, we were talking about the changes of Heathcliff as he embarked on the different situations while growing up. From a gypsy boy who was left alone, he welcomed a new chapter in his life with the Earnshaws. It wasn’t an immediate breeze for him to adjust but the genuine concern of Mr. Earnshaw and the behavioral similarities with Catherine Earnshaw made it easier for him to adjust with the new concept of a family he never imagined for himself. Had it not been for Hindley’s envy, he might have finally completed the course of maturity and ended up as a caring, gentleman.

When Cathy figured out that she wanted a life similar to the Linton’s and nicely asked for the first time for Heathcliff to runaway and search for a better life, Heathcliff easily refused. Instead, he chose to stay at the Heights and accepted all the cruelties of both Hindley and his own status in life. Why did he stubbornly stayed when Catherine made it clear to him what she wanted for both of them? Was it pure love? Was it ignorance? Was it cowardice?
He tried to injured the succeeding discrimination he got from all the people around him, until he reached his boiling point after hearing Catherine bluntly saying that marrying him would disgrace her. It was such an awful decision to runaway with such an unresolved conflict. But then again, who are we to judge Heathcliff’s emotional stability, after all that he has gone through?

Tomorrow i shall ask my students to weigh things down and try to justify the plans for revenge of Heathcliff.



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