Citations’ Issues

The joint attempt of the educators to continue the battle against the alleged plagiarism case of a senator is an indication of the moral obligation of the academic institution to our community. And while this issue continues to circulate among the media and social networks, i personally think that this is a matter of a simple case- the person involved should either humbly admit his fault and move on, or arrogantly stick to his belief that he, in fact did not do any form of plagiarism and move on.

However, the people won’t simply take arrogance and remain silent. This is a matter defending what is left of the very low-slung sense of national pride we take for the actions of our countrymen, and of our leaders. But somehow, i even begin to question the intentions of people who are enjoying the joyful ride of involving themselves in an issue that is so hot for Yahoo, Twitter, or even Facebook. Politicians take this opportunity as a chance to bring forward their hidden morality to be of good reputation in the eyes of the voting public. Media moguls intensify the development of the story by tagging along prominence in the element of the news.

I hope the voice of the academe on this matter will be heard. Let us not glorify leaders who aren’t capable of admitting faults. Let us not glamorize plagiarism as a form of an elite strategy to disseminate thoughts, or information. While it is not yet too late, let us train our young people to take pride in the fruits of their hard work and teach them to recognize the fruits of other people’s work. And only then can we actually contribute to the development of our country.

Sotto unfazed by plagiarism complaints

Academics join bloggers in Sotto plagiarism complaint


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