We went to see the “Lion King” Musical presentation of Brightwoods School today at Holy Angel University.
The ensemble consisted of the students of Brightwoods School highlighting the Seniors Class. The stage and costumes were an adaptation of the Broadway hit’s stage design. The songs from the original Broadway soundtrack were lip synced by the characters while the spoken lined were done live. The performers who acted the young Simba and Nala were actually good. My friend and I fell asleep after the second song. Blame it on the wrong timing (2:00 pm is usually the most challenging time to battle with sleepiness). We woke up, disoriented for a few seconds, and the performers were already singing the “Hakuna Matata” song and Simba appeared as grown-up.
During the fifteen-minute break, we hurriedly went out to look for some coffee because we wanted to see the rest of the show. We were a few minutes late for the second act. In all due fairness, my friend and I agreed that the actors for the adult Simba and Nala were also good. At some point, they actually made me feel that they are really the ones singing the songs.
Overall, it was an interesting way of spending the Saturday afternoon. I suddenly felt like going to CCP tomorrow to see whatever they are showing there at the moment.



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