of guns and tears

Unless trained, and proven to be in a stable mental condition, people should not be given access to a gun. This object, over time, has been irresponsibly used and has taken away so many lives in a lot of very unjust ways.
The victims of the Newton Connecticut tragedy were simply living out their lives that day, as majority of them were young souls so eager for Christmas. Now their loved ones will be spending very sad days and nights longing for the smile of their departed. My heart goes out to these people.
This event once again raises so my issues in a place where democracy is enjoyed by most people. And it also raises the same fear from every school where children go. School administrators can only do as much in securing the students. Teachers can only prove their unending care and just are as limited as anyone else in giving out the protection each student deserves. Schools cannot do the task alone.
Prayers for the victims and their loved ones.



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