“po” at “opo”

We approached the very long lines for passengers waiting for the jeepney to Dau from SM PAMPANGA. There were three long lines, and we knew that most likely, we can make it to the third jeepney. When the first jeepney arrived, the elderly couple before us, ran and tried to board in but they were stopped by the caller. It broke my heart seeing the couple as they headed back to the last part of the line, right before us. I wanted to talk to the caller so he would let them in, since the two obviously cannot stand the long wait. They are elderly for goodness’ sake! It was Jojo who asked the caller of their policies for senior citizen passengers. The silly caller said he doesn’t have any order from their association regarding this matter, and he said he didn’t want others to complain if he had allowed them to board in. We were dumbfounded by this. Whatever happened to the priority lane? We are always known for our respect for adults, especially for the elderlies. While we were waiting for our jeepney, Jojo was very polite in keeping the old man in small talk, while I was staring at his wife with sympathy. We even asked them to sit for a while we look after their spot in the line, but they refused to and our jeepney finally arrived.

Ang bilin sa akin ng ina’t ama ko
Maging magalangin mamumupo ako
‘Pag kinakausap ng matandang tao
Sa lahat ng lugar sa lahat ng dako.
“Pag ang kausap ko’y matanda sa akin
Na dapat igalang at dapat pupuin
Natutuwa ako na bigkas-bigkasin
Ang “po” at ang “opo” ng buong paggiliw.



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