when loving and singing hurt

I was really excited to see Les Miserables. That was supposed to be a Christmas opening, but thanks to MMFF movies, the showing was delayed until January 16. Anyway, I finally was able to see it today, and to say that the film is fantastic is an understatement.

The British musical drama film opens with the song “Look Down” depicting the release of Jean Valjean from Toulon prison after his 19-year imprisonment for stealing bread and for attempting to escape from prison. Valjean was portayed by Hugh Jackman who did a very spectacular performance all throughout the film. The rest of miseries followed that scene with awesome performances from Anne Hathaway (Fantine), Eddie Redmayne (Marius) and Samantha Barks (Eponine). Although I must admit, I wasn’t totally convinced with the roles of R. Crowe (Javert) and A. Seyfried (Cossette), or perhaps the other actors sang better than them. I guess I would agree when someone said that this is what happens when some actors try to sing in a film.
The film, as expected, was full of emotional catharsis. What do you actually expect in a plot where the characters are to die in the end? Technically, the film succeeded in bringing to the screen the breathtaking grandeur of scenic background locations. All throughout the film, I cannot help but sing along the actors as they perform the popular songs from the musical. Actually, I kept on singing even after the film.

Verdict: I shall watch this again.











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