low choice

I finally got the chance to see the controversial “Lo-Hathaway” interview for Les Miserables. I now understand the frenzy. As a representative of the Philippine media, an interview with an international star should not be taken for granted. This is not an opportunity for the star to promote her film, because, she does not need to. This is actually an opportunity for us to be recognized in global communications as people who can actually do a decent interview. Unfortunately, the very brief chance was wasted into a worthless exchange of ideas.
Filipinos do not speak like him. Watching Lo in his local showbiz talk show here, as he communicates in Filipino, is dragging to begin with. So what do we expect if he tries his skills with let’s say, a foreigner? Being a country where people try, train, and educate to sound globally competitive, we can say that yes, there may be a lot of people here who have even worse oral communication skills, but there is surely an abundance of people who can actually speak better than he does. And Philippine media can surely pick another person.
If one is not good with a spontaneous interview, the only solution to that is preparation. A good research could have been done before the actual interview. From possible set of questions, the interviewer chooses the best questions. (basic things, really)
Let this be a learning experience to everyone.


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