Time space warped

The AUF REPERTORY THEATER’s adaptation of Thorton Wilder’s “Our Town” was an amusing performance. It was a delight to able to see the Kapampangan translation of the play, Karin Keng Kekami, translated by Mr. Marco Nepomuceno. Karin Keng Kekami deals with the old life in the town of Sta. Rita.

The play has three acts: Daily Life, Love and Marriage, and Death and Eternity. The first act presented the simplicity of life among the local families of the area where everyone knew each other. The depiction of the usual daily routine made me want to visit that time and join any local morning “tsismisan” , as I also wanted to buy the fresh “puto” and “carabao milk” from their local vendors. The second act showed the vulnerability of the youth in starting a family. The third act commemorated the souls of those who were once inhabitants of the town, and how their legacy will be remembered by the present generations.

Listening to the young actors deliver beautiful Kapampangan lines was truly an enthralling experience. Of course there were a few flaws and exaggerations every now and then, but those can easily be forgiven. These young thespians made the audience feel that no matter where time and technology bring us in the future, there is still no place like home. I hope we get to see more of this kind of performance.

Congratulations to the staff of AUF Rep! Kudos to thier resident director Prof. Emeritus Tony Mabesa!





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