falling in queue


I went to PhilHealth this afternoon to update my membership status. The information lady gave my number it ends with 299 and they were like calling 244. I immediately panicked as i saw the number of people waiting. It was around 4:00pm and I didn’t have much of a choice to back out when when I already exerted a lot of effort to go there.

They had a machine calling out the number being served at each of the three counter. The automated voice machine sounded like SIRI and that’s a little impressive. Aside from that, there was a movie playing in the flat tv which is another impressive element in this public office. I did not bother watching because I was seated too far from the television. So I just contented myself with the book I was reading (third book of the Todd Mills series). I decided to stop reading after around 40 minutes and they started calling 290. I did not want to miss my number as I was already being carried away by my reading,that I was beginning to ignore the Siri voice machine and all the movement around me. They finally called my number, and the guy in teller 1 completed my transaction in less than a minute. I actually got out of their office before 5:00 pm and for the first time in my life, I was actually satisfied with a government service.



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