confessions of a late registered voter

For the first time in my life, I am finally a legitimate voter. When my friends voted for SK a long time ago, I was still an underage, therefore, was unable to register. Finally, during my adult life, I attempted to register with COMELEC, but I was dismayed by the unbelievable lines at the City Hall. Since then, I never attempted to register anymore. For so many elections, I allowed the other people decide for me. For so many elections, I watched how the undeserving ones enjoyed the power and fame, and guiltily admitted that I didn’t do my part on this democratic right.

Two years ago, I decided to give it a shot again. I was surprised that the registration was still open on a December, when it was not even election season. In less than ten minutes, I completed the much delayed registration so that once and for all, be able to exercise my right to vote. Now I feel like a newbie in adult life once again. I know it’s odd to feel this way, but common, I think I have all the right to be excited.

And now that the election is near, I am beginning to question the worth of the people running for public seats. I just opened my FB account and photos of politicians and even their loved ones trying to mingle with the “masa” are flooding my inbox, and these photos make me sick. I think that strategy is so cliche and for the first time, as a voting individual, I felt scared for our government.


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