it’s a glam world

While Jojo was completing his two long papers due last weekend, I kept myself busy watching Adam Lambert’s performance before, during, and after his AI stint. I realized that whenever I ran out of things to search for in the web, I unconsciously google his name just for an update. I was watching-slash-comparing his London performances with the Queen with those of Freddie Mercury’s, when I commented:
ME: Adam has a really wonderful range for the Queen’s songs but in terms of clarity, he cannot beat Mercury’s rendition of “another one bites the dust” and “bohemian rhapsody”.
Jojo : Nothing beats the original!
ME: But he beat Rihanna when he did a cover of “stay!”.
Jojo: Everyone beats Rihanna. Including Chris Brown.

I did not see that coming. Ok I confess. I am an Adam Lambert.

Note:Shout out to the birthday boy Jojo! Cheers!





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