desire at it’s best

I watched the 1951 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar named Desire” last night. I guess what lead me to this film is watching the 1987 film version of the “Glass Menagerie” also by Wlliams. I have read Desire back in college as part of a Drama course, and even back then I was already so intrigue with Blanche Du Bois.
The play starts with Blanche arriving via a streetcar named Desire to her sister Stella’s place after she announced that she retired from teaching. Se also intends to stay with her for a while, or should I say for an indefinite time. Blanche finds Stella’s husband Stanley Kowalski to be an imperfect partner for her sister, as Stanley is a very manipulative, uncivilized, and bully husband. What she does not know is that Stella has already given up all her idealistic dreams in exchange of the joy her animalistic husband gives her. What Blanche does not admit though, and may slightly be suggestive with her actions and behavior, is that she finds Stanley quite attractive. The play progresses with so many accusations on the part of Stanley as to how he sees Blanche as equally as manipulative as he is. He also made sure that he finds out all the things Blanche is hiding from him and his wife. This element of conflict is actually very familiar with the structure of drama in our culture. We find excitement in dealing with the excitement of finding out something ugly and feel a deep sense of achivement upon discovering something not so pretty about another person.

Blance, all throughout the play, is set in living in her own world of idealism where everything should be all proper and nice, sort of Amanda from the glass menagerie. She maybe viewed as lunatic by many viewers but she maybe is just a victim of a series of unfortunate events so to speak that her mind is already set into things that she wishes she is at the moment. Maybe thats the reason why she didnt fall for the not so handsome Mitch to begin with, but may secretly be attracted to the hot physique of her sister’ husband.She is also still living in the memories of her past and while her young marriage didnt really end postively to her desire, she is still trying to find a happy ending to her sweet teenage youthful years, unfortunately even at the present time when is around her thirties that she finds young men attarctive. We have to understand that it is actually the young Blance who gets attracted to these boys, and not necessarily the lady who has turned pedophile into reality.

The play is verry direct to the point. And it surely is an interesting way to spend a boring night.







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