Dan Brown’s Inferno: A Book Review


Dan Brown has once again brought me to a world of fine arts, architecture, and this time to the eerie future of science.

Brown’s Inferno, with a loyal literary reference to Dante’s Divine comedy opens in a hospital in Florence where the infamous Robert Langdon is suffering from amnesia. Loyal fans of Langdon would never imagine, that Langdon, a walking Wikipedia of historical, classical, and cultural data, at lost with the events that transpired in the last 48 hours. All he remembers are visions of human sufferings and a blonde lady who keeps on reminding him, “seek and ye shall find”. The rest of the events will take the readers to a grand tour of Florence, Venice, and Istanbul. As always, Brown’s prose dramatically describes the works of arts and architectures with splendid skills of description that will leave the readers searching for pictures and information online, therefore delaying the entire process of reading. Unlike the previous flair of decoding symbols presented in “The Vinci Code and Angels and Demons”, Langdon is now using Google and iPhone to assist his tormented memory and help him solve the mystery.

As the novel is strictly associated with the epic poem of Dante, Brown reminds the readers of the basics of the Divine Comedy which at one point appeared dragging. Then again, anyone who is clueless of the Dante’s work will not fully appreciate Brown’s new offering. (So good luck to those who are planning to read this one just to keep with the trend).

Brown’s presentation of the issue on “global overpopulation” reminds us that we should be thinking in the scientific point of view on how the number of man can be controlled for the future. The ending of the novel is both exciting and daunting.

Overall, the novel is interactive, thrilling and is worth a summer read.



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