First hair cut

I always wanted Siri to grow her hair and ultimately groom her like a diva. We used to have endless grooming sessions before but to my disappointment, her hair seems to grow slowly. I eventually lost my patience when i had to deal with the uncontrollable matting of her hair. So last February, I decided to take her to her first professional grooming session. I had to leave her in the Angeles Animal Clinic because there were a number of dogs waiting in queue. I never realized that dogs (or dog owners) can be so vain. After two hours, I went back and saw Siri in her new hair cut. She looked at me with so much pain, as if I abandoned her for a couple of hours in the hands of strangers. She also didn’t look comfortable in her new haircut. I began to wonder to dogs have the sense of public shame for having their natural hair/fur shaved from them.

I felt guilty for leaving her. But I was relieved that I won’t be dealing with her matted hair again, or at least for a few months.

Her hair has grown back and she is about to go back to Animal Clinic next week. But I promise to stay by her side this time.



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