mashiseo boyeoyo

The first glimpse of long line in one Korean fast food in the newly renovated food court of SM Clark would leave a passerby curious of their products. Mr. Kimbob was indeed appetizing and the serving looks generous as well, but when we finally tried it, we were a bit disappointed. So Jojo and I decided to look for a decent place for Korean food. We can’t go to Friendship area for the authentic restos because it’s too far and we do not have a car. I mentioned this to my friend Barbie and he ( yes, barbie’s male) recommended this particular place located along the Walking Street. He frequents this place after he gets out of the call center from Clark. The place is called Oppa and it is a few blocks from McDonalds Mt. View, Balibago. Walking there is fun because of the colorful lights and interesting mix of people. Oppa Korean Restaurant is on lower Fields Avenue, next to the Grand Central Hotel and Opposite the Blue Nile Executive Hotel.

The place is always busy. Trust a Korean restaurant if there are true-blue Koreans dining, and Oppa is always filled with them, and hungry ones , i must say. The two-story place offers a wide array of popular Korean food and not just the instant “Ramyun” that are sprawling along different kantos around. Our favorite is their generous serving of Bibimbap. It also has a strong and free WiFi connection so one can immediately post their selfies before he can even finish his food. And on top of that, they also serve free iced-coffee. San ka pa, di ba?


WIFI: good/free

Restroom: average

Price: from affordable to expensive

Staff: very nice

Serving: generous (with free iced coffee)

Parking: none (You have to park somewhere safe before you head to walking street)

Verdict: will definitely be back for some Korean goodies




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