sweet home feel


Because money was definitely a biggie today, Mon and I decided to go to the good ol’ Toll House in downtown Angeles for some quick and cheap bite while catching up on lost times. Aside from minor renovations, the place still has the same feel some fifteen years ago. It’s still packed with students who are so hungry, employees who just got out of their work, or some couple having a quick date, and this time with an additional bunch of Koreans.

As always, service is still not consistent. Mon was telling me that her sister walked out of the resto last month because she got pissed waiting for her order. Today, we were lucky that our order came after, as promised by the crew, 10 minutes. We had to pay our bill while we eating, as part of their new, pay-as-you-order scheme. Mon said this is to avoid those who forget or intentionally skip paying.

We went for the signature baked macaroni for P65.00 It used to come with free slices of garlic bread, but now, you have to pay an extra P5.00 for two slices of toasted garlic bread. We also shared a club house for P85.00. Not bad huh? The baked mac and the sandwich was already a heavy meal for me. Of course Mon was “bitin” with his meal, but then again, he rarely gets satisfied with anything he eats. We immediately left the place to give way to other customers. Our bill was less less than P200. Solved.

This is one of the few surviving establishments that I hope will stay around longer. It has a signature ambience and the food always remind us of the sweet comfort of being home.

WIFI: None

Restroom: Average. It’s biggerthis time, and more Eco-friendly

Price: affordable

Staff: very busy

Serving : usually single-serving for every meal

Parking: good except during peak hours

Verdict: will definitely be back for some nostalgic meals





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