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The final four of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 is definitely a good batch. We have  Team Giants: Aaron and Jasmine and Team Charmingly Adorable: Amy and Fik-shun. It’s funny how these two teams were the original pairs of Top 20.  While week after week, each of them showcased individual skills and techniques, both pairs also showed how they matured as partners.
The boys are adorable given the background they both have and are not necessarily trained to do most of the dance styles they presented in the entire competition. They proved that passion and pure talent most of the time, overshadow the rigid training of all the gentlemen that were voted out before any of them. Whoever will be chosen is fine, but I hope Fik-shun wins because he will push those talented performers who never set foot a formal dance studio.
Amy, Malece, and Jasmine were my top 3 girls. While Malece was sadly voted out too early, I am glad that Jasmine and Amy stayed up to this point. They are both technicians, and they both did their work flawlessly. Jasmine has been my favorite since her first auditions, and she continues to prove that there is more to her than being an ex-girlfriend of Cyrus. Her legs are simply divine, but because of her height, something always almost looked weird when she was dancing with smaller dancers. on the other hand, I see Amy as a representation of a new breed of dancers. I first thought she looked so young for this, but her charisma continued to put her on top throughout the season and all her performances are always pleasant to watch.
My original prediction is that Jasmine and Aaron were the dancers to beat, but Amy and Fik-shun emerged as serious contenders. Whatever happens, I sure hope they continue with more seasons of SYTYCD as this is a platform for the artists who continue to develop the fine art of human movement and expression.

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