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Last Monday, Jojo and I finally tried the coffee shop we kept on passing by whenever we buy cheese bread from LA Bakeshop in the Ocenia Building. The small dainty place is called Coffee Arena and its located at the very entrance of the building.

The place has nice and cozy interiors that blend modern design concepts with the same nostalgic feel popular among coffee shops these days. It also has that Starbucks-style-station for water, cups, tissue and utensils which I also observed has become a must-have for modern concepts of a coffee shop. I just noticed that the space inside is so small and customers can actually hear the stories from the other tables, so it’s not ideal to stay inside if one is talk about some confidential matters, like how one discovers his neighbor having an affair with a rich politician or how one’s office mate is so insecure. I prefer the veranda outside which is more spacious and comfortable, although I have to admit that the area on the side which is situated so close the gasoline station, is not my idea of a relaxing place to enjoy latte. My imagination sometimes is out of control.

They serve pastries, and house blend coffee which the owner explain, is still expanding as they are still coming up with more original blends to offer their customers. That night, Jojo had a cup of Latte and I ordered their Mocha Latte. Our drinks turned out to be a really bad partner for the already super sweet Reese’ Tarts we had that night. We ended up having a bad case of sugar rush.
It’s still a nice place for anyone who wishes to have a laid back time away from the busy streets of Balibago.




WIFI: good/free

Restroom: common restroom for the building. Clean

Price: affordable

Staff: very nice

Serving: generous

Parking: good

Verdict: will definitely be back for some cuppacoffee


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