rainy afternoon


I had to pay the bills today and Mon was kind enough to accompany me. Actually, he was bored and decided to see me, so he didn’t have any choice but to help me with my errands. We first went to Converge to pay for my internet bills. We had to wait for a few minutes because there was a surprisingly long line, but most customers who got numbers before mine didn’t respond so it was instantly my turn before i even noticed waiting. As always, service in this place is quick. I was supposed to complain about the two nights this week that i didn’t have any connection, but i totally forgot all about it. Because I hate the service in Globe Marquee Mall, we headed to SM Clark, albeit the fact that it’s the second day of their 3-day mall-wide SALE which means, half of the Angeles and nearby municipality’s population will be in the Pambansang Mall today. It’s a Saturday and pay-day so the long line in Globe was expected. I wanted my bills printed out but the cashier told me that they aren’t printing bills anymore, and since I didn’t want to ruin my mood today, I just avoided my tendency to complain. We then decided to join the rest of the people doing their shopping, but we were mostly walking and looking around. We debated where to dine as Mon was paying for the meal. He suggested Mang Inasal because of the unlimited rice. The staff of Mang Inasal were extra attentive today. We didn’t even call them to refill our soup and rice, they took the initiative and were so energetic in replenishing our plates that I had to stop them. Of course that wasn’t a problem to Mon who was enjoying every grain of his rice.

The rain poured in the afternoon, so Mon and I decided to get some coffee.The newly opened Starbucks in SM Clark is bigger, compared to the old one they used to have. One can now actually move around with enough air. The coffe is still pricey so Mon and I decided to just share a Venti Latté, as we were already too full from our bottomless rice at Mang Inasal. Aside from the new frames, new light pendants, new design of chairs and stools, the store is basically just like the rest of Starbucks we know. Coffee is still expensive, Restroom is still common and this global coffee shop still doesn’t have a free WIFI.

We ended the afternoon with Mon ordering more fast food from Jolibee and Chowking. (For everyone at home naman daw 🙂 )





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