After months of waiting since it was first announced, iOS7 is here now. I was excited to upgrade my iPad2 yesterday morning to see the promise of a new environment for iOS devices. Sadly though, my three year old iPod touch 4G has to settle for iOS6 as Apple did not allow it to experience the new iOS. So that very expensive Mp3 player is officially outdated starting yesterday. Well it was actually outdated since iTouch5 was introduced last year , but even back then, my ipod was given an update to iOS6. I just hope I don’t face any problem with it soon, because I need it for music. And so, thank you naman Apple for including iPad2 for the upgrade. This device is just two years old, in perfect condition but already, I can feel that soon, it will also be neglected for future updates. This is so unfair, considering the fact that these devices were equally as expensive before as the new devices now. And so after the initial required set-up on accounts and settings, the device looked completely different. I had a few minutes of acclimating my schema with the new gestures, and yes I admit, had my share of awe for the stunning aethetics. Hands down to the design team, the new iOS7 is visually impressive. But somehow, i had that faint feeling that I have seen some of the things na even more. Just can’t figure out where, and someone may tell me, sure you’ve seen it in the Keynote Presentation or in the Apple website. Well i am sure that’s not what i mean.

After two days of using the new ecosystem in my iPad, here are my impressions on the new iOS:

The good: It now has a wide array of wallpaper including the animated ones supported in both lock and home screens. The keyboard follows the basic color scheme of wallpapers. The icons are lovely. The new folders remind me of how amazed I was when i fist saw Windows Vista Aero themes. The notification is now organized, and it can now be viewed even when the device is in the locked mode. There is a quick camera access on lock screen. They removed the photo slide on the lock screen, which can turn an embarrassing thing, when accidentally pressed. Square becomes an option in taking photos using the camera app. There are filters similar to Instagram in the photo editing section.

The bad: I’m not crazy about the new multi-tasking feature as the windows for active apps can be overwhelming. I have somehow been nicely acquainted with the small icons wiggling under the task bar, as that was visually minimal and stress-free. There is still no Siri. Im worried about the battery if I continue using the animated wallpaper. Again, no Siri.

Apple has indeed learned how to attract more customers by giving us products that cater to the present and growing flair or demands of the users. If I were rich, i would buy all apple products. They are of fine quality, and being an ultimate social climber that I am, they look good beside a cup of coffee, or of anything Starbucks lol. But I am not rich, and will likely to remain so, because I am keeping an honest and demanding job. Well that and the fact that I never have never establish a healthy affair with money.






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