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It wasn’t our first time to dine at Kokoburi but somehow, last night was different. We were out to have a late celebration of Randy’s birthday and we decided to eat there. We ordered chunky clam soup, Pizza Margherita, and Pizza Primavera, Kokoburi Chicken and Soy garlic chicken, and Spaghetti Marinara. We noticed that there was something wrong with the plates. They gave us small platters that reminded us we should observe refinement of movement while eating and our utensils were really huge. We were mainly eating chicken, pasta, and pizza, so small paltter was a disaster. It was too messy and uncomfortable. We were quietly complaining about the plates, when Ramon could no longer bear the situation and asked for a bigger plate. I followed suit and the rest of the dining experience became a breeze.

Although I was still full when we got there, I had a little of evrything :). I enjoyed the soup with has a very rich taste I also enjoyed the Kokoburi fried chicken and was never a fan of the soy garlic chicken. Jossa on the othere hand, kept on complaining about how her minimal serving of pasta presented in huge hat-like plate. It seemed like an evening full of plate-related-issue so i really hope Kokuburi do something about this. Maybe i was too full to enjoy the food tonight, but as always, the food they serve in Kokoburi is a delight. The interiors is still wonderful and staff are very courteous and attentive.

After dinner, we dropped by the newly opened Starbucks in BerthaPhil and the store was indeeed a good place. The barista changed my name and wrote Paul instead of Bong. I also noticed our table inside was too small, so we transferred in their nicely built veranda and enjoyed the rest of the cold rainy evening.



Koko Buri is located in Clark and San Fernando Pampanga, and Subic.
Visit their FB at :


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