This is not a hate blog

For the past two days, my feed has been flooded with hate posts and hate post updates concerning the alleged post of a certain “Devina Devida” regarding our country and the newly crowned Miss World, Ms. Megan Young. 

I can understand the rage and violent reaction of my kababayans about this, but i hope this matter brings yet another serious matter a lot of us fail to comprehend. How we value our sense of nationalism, how we express our sense of nationalism and how we go about showing our love for our dear country are separate things we sometimes interchange, or often mistake as one. Jojo said something about Filipinos being displaced sometimes, but I won’t be elaborating on that anymore. 

I can, in fact, enumerate a lot of things that we can do to actually show our loyalty, our patriotism, our love for the Philippines, but then again, i choose not to go into that. 

Devida may be facing a lot of logical errors in whatever she may have posted about us, but if that person, actually an outsider to the Philippines, sees our country that way, then maybe, just maybe, she has actually sensed some things wrong about us. Cyber bullying her will not change her or her beliefs. But we can actually do something to make other people see us differently. Megan is out there now to do her part.Maybe it’s time we start doing ours.





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