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Last Monday, I had the privilege of attending the exclusive taste test Purple Pad Thai’s new dishes.

The latest additions to PPT’s menu promise the same classic taste of authentic Thai cuisine, with new some new and surprising twists.

For the latest addition to the soups, meet the Thai Pho noodles. This actually reminds me of my all time favorite Vietnamese Pho noodles, only richer in flavor. We also loved the Green Mango Salad with crispy fish. The crispy fish floss was actually a very pleasing surprise as its texture and taste blended so well with the green mango salad.

Let’s move on to the Smoked Fish Fried Rice. I immediately fell in love with this. A plate of this rice is so good, it can actually stand alone as one satisfying meal. “Kanin na, ulam pa!”

Another addition is the Classic Roasted Chicken with Holy Basil. This, according to Chef Yel, is often neglected as a traditional Thai dish, and this is PPT’s way of reminding the Thai aficionados of the distinct texture, and heavenly taste of the dish. But if one is feeling the tropical mood, Roasted Chicken with Pineapple Curry would go insanely well with plain rice.

PPT will also now be including the Salt Baked Fish, one of the most popular (and dreaded) street food of Thailand. Seeing the huge flakes of salt can actually be intimidating, but after tasting the fish meat flavored by different herbs, anyone can easily build an instant chemistry with this meal.

The classic spring rolls will also get some slight makeover. The Chicken Spring rolls will now be called Golden Bags, and I assure you, golden indeed. Pork spring rolls will still be available, so the choices for classic crunchy spring rolls cravings can easily be satisfied.

Purple Pad Thai will also be adding new and refreshing fruit shakes and desserts. I recommend the green mango shake, but I also liked a new and still “unnamed” custard cake which reminded one of the evaluators, Ms. Chloe, of a classic dessert her Lola used to prepare for her at home.

These new meals are reasonably priced, and will be included in the main restaurant’s (main branch) menu starting Wednesday, November 6. So what are you still waiting for? Kain na po Thai-yo!

Purple Pad Thai Balibago branch is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and is also accepting reservations for private gatherings. The SM Clark branch, located in the newly renovated Food Court, is open everyday following mall hours.

Huge thanks to my good friends, Randy and Chef Yel for once again inviting me to a wonderful evening. Will definitely be back soon!






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