The bell rang loud. The blasting sound resonated in his almost sleepy consciousness and it was almost deafening.  He did not want to stand but as bodies moved quickly, he didn’t have much choice but to force to stand and start his way out of the room.

This is what John fears the most. He can almost feel the judging stares along the corridors. The whispers form the people he once considered his friends are penetrating to his souls that he wanted to run. Run fast. Run fast and hide. But he chose not to. He decided to take his time and savor each moment. He wanted to remember all the agony he is going through this time. As the pain continues to grow, he knows he is getting stronger, and better than anyone here.

Two months. That’s not bad. He knew that after two months, he will finally be free. Free from all the violence. Free from all the despair. Yet, two months is a long time to wait. He continued walking. The soft piano plays in his ear plugs, and everything else felt smooth. Suddenly, a sharp pain gushed behind him, and the heat quickly spread all over. He did not notice the blood. All he saw was a blinding light and the people moving slowly around him and the noise, he has hated all his life, slowly fading with the soft heaven sound of Bach.




Another attempt to write fiction 🙂


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