Halo halo?!?

I just finished watching a YouTube clip showing Americans testing the food from the Philippines leading fast food chain, Jolibee, and I personally think the clip amusing. The group were honest in giving out their views on how the food generally looked and tasted.

No one is of course expecting that they would fall in love with the Pinas’ version of McDonalds. In fact, a couple of them said, the food looked disgusting. I am not fond of all the food in Jollibee. I don’t like their fries and their hot choco. Although I admit, I am a fan of the Champ and their Jolly Hotdog.

But what amused me more are the reactions in the comments section. A lot of Filipinos reacted angrily with how the group evaluated the food. What these people don’t realize is that such reaction is not welcome in the globally competitive world, where we should welcome criticisms as points of correction. If we want our products to be known in the international scene, we should be open for suggestions. If a western guy says, the food doesn’t look good, and you are trying to sell it in a western community, then perhaps, the food really looks disgusting in their standards. Maybe, just maybe, a little adjustment won’t hurt us.

I personally don’t find the video offensive, and it does not make me less of a good Filipino.


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