The Thunder Birds and Pink Ladies on stage

     We went to see AUF Repertory’s adaptation  of Grease today. Watching and listening to raw young talents of the cast is indeed a refreshing way of spending a Saturday afternoon as the “throwback” musical brought back to life memorable songs such as Summer Nghts, Grease Lightnin’, and Hopelessly Devoted to You

     I personally enjoyed the performance of Axcell Centeno for his  lead role as Danny Centeno. His energy was very consistent from the start to the very end. Krishna Magdangal, on the other hand, gave an outstanding performance as Rizzo. For the entire show, Krishna remained in character from head to toe, while belting out the songs with her powerful voice. But the most captivating performance of all would be that of JC Santos’. JC has proven that his trainings in AUF, UP, Singapore, and NY made him a veteran thespian, and I am glad he returns to Pampanga to support the new breed of stage actors. 

     I know that the cast are still trying to develop their individual talents in singing, dancing, and acting, but it is good to know that Angeles University is doing the best it can to provide the aspiring artists a venue where they can actually hone the craft of theater performing.

     Kudos to the organizers, cast, crew and to the director Tony Mabesa!

Grease will have its run until next week, so visit the Angeles University website for schedule and other inquiries. 




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