“batirol” night

The Angeles City Museum recently opened CAFE MUSEO, a small cafe that turns the lobby of the Museo into a cozy nook during evenings. I went there last night after a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and ordered the popular Tsokolate Batirol and some pasalubongs to take home. The smell of putubumbong from the stalls in the plaza was so inviting, as it reminds me of the joyful season of Christmas. But more than the delicious food available in the cafe, I mostly enjoyed sitting outside as I watched the busy streets of Sto. Entierro with the majestic and peaceful background, the Holy Rosay Parish. This place would be a perfect place to just relax and appreciate the beauty of our town.

There are so many improvements in this part of the town, and I know that more people will frequent this place to have a laid back evening especially after a hectic day at work. I will definitely be back soon to try the cucumber and panda juice, and crackers with kesong putt.

Cafe Museo is opened from 3:00 pm tp 10 pm everyday.

Kudos to the Angeles City government in exerting effort to improve our town plaza!


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2 responses to ““batirol” night”

  1. James says :

    Hi. I’m creating a community-based calendar at http://www.knowangeles.ph. I’d like to share your video, with due credit, on this page: http://www.knowangeles.ph/2016/05/plaza-angel.html
    Please let me know if that’s alright!


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