despotic nature

Anne had to sacrifice her whole adolescent life and her bright future because a chauvinist dictator wanted to ensure the race he hated with his guts does not overcome the race of his own. Shylock is spat on by the the proud Christians for his beliefs and his ways of making a living.George and Lennie never realized their simple dream of living a life under no one’s orders.
The chickens, the horses, and all the other animals failed to see their dream farm when the pigs took over.Heathcliff was brutally tortured by those in the upper class.Eliza was bullied and insulted because she cannot speak like a fine lady. Tess lost her self esteem as the dominating men around her never respected her role as a woman.

And the stories go on. For as long as anyone thinks he is born with an entitlement of a higher ground, the idea of fairness will never be a reality. And all we can do is to write, to read or to talk about it.



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