My formative and professional training were completed in this institution. All the corners of this university are very familiar, and I can still picture all the memories like vivid snaps from Instagram.

As years went by, the university slowly, and then quickly changed. I visited my alma mater this month. The dusty oval (field) and the mighty grandstand are now gone. The main canteen and the University Library also looked different now. There are vehicles inside the university, and that too, felt weird. I even tried to look for two small rooms (that used to our office for the student publication and the student council) situated in the middle of what we call as the “love terminal”, but apparently, those small offices are gone too. It is more modern and beautiful now. It is highly technological, and it continues to soar into higher pedestal. And although the buildings, the pavements, the security guards, and the people are all different now, I still felt that sense of being home, and it was comforting.

On my way home, I remember the promise of the childhood dreams when we were in High School, and the  fighting spirit and strong determination I used to have when I was in college. But more than that, I felt the same sadness when I marched in the Immaculate Gymnasium 17 years ago when I received my hard earned degree.

I just hope I made you proud. One day I promise, I will be back and return the favor you have given me.

june_july 20161.jpg

june_july 20162.jpgjune_july 20163.jpgjune_july 20164.jpg

PHOTOS: @bongwarpedmind


Holy Angel, Holy Angel,
Holy, Holy, Holy Angel

From thy cradle safe and sound
Love of God and man we’ve found
To a happy life we’re bound
Holy Angel dear.

Hear our vow of loyalty
Heart and soul we pledge to thee
With the virtues great and free
We’ve embraced from thee.

When our battles won you’ll see
Banners high we’ll wave for thee
In our hearts thy name will be
Holy Angel dear.

Composed by: Estrella A. Tuazon

Video By: Holy Angel University


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