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This is what art is about

The National Museum is a just across the University I am attending, and it’s a shame that I only had time to visit it today. Unfortunately, I went there 30 minutes before closing time, so I was not able to explore everything.

This short trip reminded me that the creative and artistic talents of Filipinos and our rich cultural gems are national treasures we all should be proud of.

I will definitely be back soon and I will see to it that I have ample time to admire the talent of the Filipino artists.




Street Snaps

Old school


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you are what you read (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the post I made on August 2014 that had  some of the books I have read and some Starbucks merchandise given to me by friends and former students.


“But it was a first attempt, and most of them are ignored. Better things were yet to come”- C. Cachero, Digmaang Rosas, 2000.

Metallic Tumbler from my student, Wesley


“When you’re dying from thirst, you’ll drink from a mudhole.”- H. Robbins, Where Love Has Gone (1962)

A red, white and gold printed tumbler from my student, Arvel


“As the child begins his life, he aims directly and energetically towards functional independence.”- P. Soliven,

Half a millennium of Philippine History: Snippets of what we were – snatches of what we ought to be (1999)

A gold tumbler with fish prints from another student, Jacob


“It was whispered, by those who peered after her, that the scarlet letter threw a lurid gleam along the dark passageway of the interior.”- N. Hawtorne, the Scarlet Letter (1850)

New York Mug from my dear friend, Tonie

poetry in movement

A very powerful art movement created by Chehon Wespi-Toschopp


Built with a

strong foundation,


by time,

by the natural elements,

the abode

of the soul





Stare not
into the
deep sad eyes,
for the sorrow
can cause you
an even deeper



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