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This is what art is about

The National Museum is a just across the University I am attending, and it’s a shame that I only had time to visit it today. Unfortunately, I went there 30 minutes before closing time, so I was not able to explore everything.

This short trip reminded me that the creative and artistic talents of Filipinos and our rich cultural gems are national treasures we all should be proud of.

I will definitely be back soon and I will see to it that I have ample time to admire the talent of the Filipino artists.




the rhapsody of the damned


Tagytay 2016 @bongwarpedmind 

cry all the tears while it still hurts
abort the need to restore
respond to the cry of the bleeding cuts
leave now, what you take this for
isolate the regret and let time make you heal
turn the waves of the endless sorrow
omit the memories and observe how you feel


can’t figure out the riddle of this time

analogies of times when the rush reaches far
rummages of forlorn youth in the box

lulabies with sad endings in blur

in the clasps of vintage locket, fastened.
Tonight, the lowly begs that these images just fade

over the course of what seems a lasting night…
Photo from Bolinao Trip

you are what you read (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the post I made on August 2014 that had  some of the books I have read and some Starbucks merchandise given to me by friends and former students.


“But it was a first attempt, and most of them are ignored. Better things were yet to come”- C. Cachero, Digmaang Rosas, 2000.

Metallic Tumbler from my student, Wesley


“When you’re dying from thirst, you’ll drink from a mudhole.”- H. Robbins, Where Love Has Gone (1962)

A red, white and gold printed tumbler from my student, Arvel


“As the child begins his life, he aims directly and energetically towards functional independence.”- P. Soliven,

Half a millennium of Philippine History: Snippets of what we were – snatches of what we ought to be (1999)

A gold tumbler with fish prints from another student, Jacob


“It was whispered, by those who peered after her, that the scarlet letter threw a lurid gleam along the dark passageway of the interior.”- N. Hawtorne, the Scarlet Letter (1850)

New York Mug from my dear friend, Tonie

you are what you read

Reading, as they say,is an essential part of learning. Reading can also move a person’s intellect a step higher than simply being informed.

This series features some of the books I have read and some Starbucks merchandise given to me by friends and former students.


“The explosion of color and energy in the Spring has always trilled me” – SPRING MEADOW by Mayumi Oda in Goddesses (a coffee table art book)

Create your own Tumbler from my former student, Raia (Rachelle)

a Christian flagellant performing a bloody, Good Friday ritual, Pampanga 1920. from A Philippine Album by Jonathan Best

Tumbler with gold Christmas prints from my student, Francis  and his mom, Madame Alpha

“Lovely wife, you were lovely, before this, you were sweet, you lauged in the dark, and there was no pain” Bienvenido Santos: Ash Wednesday, You Lovely People

A lovely Stainless SB mug which Jojo bought for himself. He used it a couple of times, before he finally gave it me.

“David wasn’t a creep,” Peter thinks wonderingly, “he was nice. Ordinary” (p. 42). Kurt Chandler, Passages of Pride

Another overused Coffee Press from Starbucks-BODUM Collection (I badly need a new version of this one) from my former student, Candice

“Give me a man or woman who has read a thousand books and you give me an interesting companion. Give me a man or woman who has read perhaps three and you give me a very dangerous enemy indeed.”
― Anne Rice, The Witching Hour

An overused Black Tumbler from my former student, Candice

In the ranks of men… or was it all a dream?
This Achilles
He’ll reap the rewards of that great courage of his
Alone, I tell you – weep his heart out far too late
When are troops are dead and gone.” Book 11, lines 907-910 ILIAD of Homer

2003 Starbucks Barista Collection Mug given to me (or did I force her her to give this to me) by my good friend, Abigale during my stay in Pedro Gil Sta. Ana, Manila #GoodYears

“Why have I been writing of Cafe Adriatico in the past tense? It is still there, alive and kicking after a quarter of a century.”-Ambeth Ocampo in Malate: A Matter of Taste

2003 Starbucks Barista Collection Mug given to me by my sweet friend Manel when we had some coffee in Starbucks in Malate, Manila probably around that year too.

“Desperate people lose the thing that makes them human beings. They lose their heart. Anger and hate fill them so that they act like animals.”
― Arlene J. Chai, The Last Time I Saw Mother

Christmas Mug from Nish

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices. DUMBLEDORE : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (JK ROWLING)

Christmas Tumbler from a student

“We read because we are essentially alone.”
― Jessica Zafra, Twisted 8: The Night of the Living Twisted

SB Logo Tumbler from Seanne

“A world could be made in five pages, and one that was more pleasing than a model farm. The childhood of a spoiled prince could be framed within half a page, a moonlit dash through sleepy villages was one rhythmically emphatic sentence, falling in love could be achieved in a single word–a glance. The pages of a recently finished story seemed to vibrate in her hand with all the life they contained.”
Narration, Page 7 Ian McEwan, Atonement

Christmas Tumbler from a former student

“Para syang langit na bughaw kung kaunti ang ulap at malakas ang araw-may aandap na kidlat sa kalayuan, at akala mo’y namalaikmata ka lamang.” -(Relasyon) Tony Perez, CUBAO MIDNIGHT EXPRESS

Apple green Tumbler, from my good friend, Shelley

“Listen to the quiet and experience the peace it affords your soul”- SOUL RETREATS FOR TEACHERS from my former student IA, December 2003

Printed Starbucks Tumbler from my former student, Keimil

“One of life’s quiet excitements is to stand somewhat apart from yourself and watch yourself softly becoming the author of something beautiful even if it is only a floating ash.” Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Starbucks Puerto Rico from my good friend, Anton

“Life is a very thin thread and it only takes a second to snap it”
― Sidney Sheldon, The Naked Face

White Christmas Starbucks mug from a student


“The last image he ever saw was of himself floating on the surface of a boundless expanse of water, moving farther and farther away, like an uprooted rice plant, or a solitary puff of raw cotton.”- Su Tong, RICE

Stainless Via Tumbler from Jojo

The Trip by Antonio Vicentini

An amazing work of artistic concept.

Don’t drive under influence of psychedelic substances.

‘Cheiro Verde’ is the name of the song. Buy it here:
Kombi illustration based on the original Jesus Cardenas artwork:


       Alone in the cafe he looked at his watch. 11:58 p.m. This is not good. He has been sitting here for almost two hours now, and there is no sign of the kid. He stared at the notebook. Blank. Except for the message he has written. Sunday, 9:00 p.m. He should have known better. That was a sixteen year old promising.  Image

        He left a hundred pesos on the table, and moved slowly out of the cafe. And in a distant corner of the street, carrying a heavy knapsack, walking fast towards him, as if running out of time, he saw the familiar face, moist… and the blurry lights hit the spark of Joseph’s tears. 

note: first attempt to do fiction

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