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Lovely Evening @25 Seeds

This beautiful place by Chef Sau del Rosario promotes delectable farm-to-table cuisine. Situated in the heart in the heart of Angeles City’s heritage district, 25 Seeds will definitely satisfy anyone’s penchant for good food and a cozy ambiance.

Kudos to all the force behind this.



2F Dycaico Ancestral House, Barangay Sto. Rosario
Angeles City

Call 0905 257 7149




“batirol” night

The Angeles City Museum recently opened CAFE MUSEO, a small cafe that turns the lobby of the Museo into a cozy nook during evenings. I went there last night after a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and ordered the popular Tsokolate Batirol and some pasalubongs to take home. The smell of putubumbong from the stalls in the plaza was so inviting, as it reminds me of the joyful season of Christmas. But more than the delicious food available in the cafe, I mostly enjoyed sitting outside as I watched the busy streets of Sto. Entierro with the majestic and peaceful background, the Holy Rosay Parish. This place would be a perfect place to just relax and appreciate the beauty of our town.

There are so many improvements in this part of the town, and I know that more people will frequent this place to have a laid back evening especially after a hectic day at work. I will definitely be back soon to try the cucumber and panda juice, and crackers with kesong putt.

Cafe Museo is opened from 3:00 pm tp 10 pm everyday.

Kudos to the Angeles City government in exerting effort to improve our town plaza!

buona cena at Italianeh

We always had that notion that Italian Cuisine is really expensive. Well at least it generally is here in Angeles City. But we discovered  a cozy small place that serves good Italian food at an affordable range. Italianeh is located at Vanderbilt Street, Marisol Subdivision, Angeles City. Italianeh is a pop-up bistro serving Italian cuisine, and this was put up by a group of Kapampangans.  The owners set up tables and chairs right in their own garage as they personally prepare and serve the food. So that basically explains, why the food is more affordable than those served in commercial establishments.

WIFI: good/free

Restroom: common restroom located inside the house. Clean

Price: affordable

Staff: very nice

Serving: generous

Parking: street

Verdict: I have been here several times and will definitely be back for some more calzone, pizza and pasta!



Additional info and photo from their Facebook page:

Food Styles      :           Diners Italian

Specialties       :           Dinner

Attire               :           Casual

Services           :          Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Good For Kids, Take Out, Delivery, Catering, Waiter Service, Outdoor Seating

Public Transit  From Angeles Town:

1. Ride (P8) Check Point Jeepney (BLUE)

2. Get off at 3rd Gate / 2nd Gate / Main Gate MARISOL.

3. Ride a (P20) tricycle and tell the driver t take you to Vanderbilt Street, 2nd block.

Contact them:

308 Vanderbilt St (2nd Block), Marisol

2009 Angeles City

Phone             0927 515 2165






Halo halo?!?

I just finished watching a YouTube clip showing Americans testing the food from the Philippines leading fast food chain, Jolibee, and I personally think the clip amusing. The group were honest in giving out their views on how the food generally looked and tasted.

No one is of course expecting that they would fall in love with the Pinas’ version of McDonalds. In fact, a couple of them said, the food looked disgusting. I am not fond of all the food in Jollibee. I don’t like their fries and their hot choco. Although I admit, I am a fan of the Champ and their Jolly Hotdog.

But what amused me more are the reactions in the comments section. A lot of Filipinos reacted angrily with how the group evaluated the food. What these people don’t realize is that such reaction is not welcome in the globally competitive world, where we should welcome criticisms as points of correction. If we want our products to be known in the international scene, we should be open for suggestions. If a western guy says, the food doesn’t look good, and you are trying to sell it in a western community, then perhaps, the food really looks disgusting in their standards. Maybe, just maybe, a little adjustment won’t hurt us.

I personally don’t find the video offensive, and it does not make me less of a good Filipino.

happy tummy


Last Monday, I had the privilege of attending the exclusive taste test Purple Pad Thai’s new dishes.

The latest additions to PPT’s menu promise the same classic taste of authentic Thai cuisine, with new some new and surprising twists.

For the latest addition to the soups, meet the Thai Pho noodles. This actually reminds me of my all time favorite Vietnamese Pho noodles, only richer in flavor. We also loved the Green Mango Salad with crispy fish. The crispy fish floss was actually a very pleasing surprise as its texture and taste blended so well with the green mango salad.

Let’s move on to the Smoked Fish Fried Rice. I immediately fell in love with this. A plate of this rice is so good, it can actually stand alone as one satisfying meal. “Kanin na, ulam pa!”

Another addition is the Classic Roasted Chicken with Holy Basil. This, according to Chef Yel, is often neglected as a traditional Thai dish, and this is PPT’s way of reminding the Thai aficionados of the distinct texture, and heavenly taste of the dish. But if one is feeling the tropical mood, Roasted Chicken with Pineapple Curry would go insanely well with plain rice.

PPT will also now be including the Salt Baked Fish, one of the most popular (and dreaded) street food of Thailand. Seeing the huge flakes of salt can actually be intimidating, but after tasting the fish meat flavored by different herbs, anyone can easily build an instant chemistry with this meal.

The classic spring rolls will also get some slight makeover. The Chicken Spring rolls will now be called Golden Bags, and I assure you, golden indeed. Pork spring rolls will still be available, so the choices for classic crunchy spring rolls cravings can easily be satisfied.

Purple Pad Thai will also be adding new and refreshing fruit shakes and desserts. I recommend the green mango shake, but I also liked a new and still “unnamed” custard cake which reminded one of the evaluators, Ms. Chloe, of a classic dessert her Lola used to prepare for her at home.

These new meals are reasonably priced, and will be included in the main restaurant’s (main branch) menu starting Wednesday, November 6. So what are you still waiting for? Kain na po Thai-yo!

Purple Pad Thai Balibago branch is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and is also accepting reservations for private gatherings. The SM Clark branch, located in the newly renovated Food Court, is open everyday following mall hours.

Huge thanks to my good friends, Randy and Chef Yel for once again inviting me to a wonderful evening. Will definitely be back soon!





small plates


It wasn’t our first time to dine at Kokoburi but somehow, last night was different. We were out to have a late celebration of Randy’s birthday and we decided to eat there. We ordered chunky clam soup, Pizza Margherita, and Pizza Primavera, Kokoburi Chicken and Soy garlic chicken, and Spaghetti Marinara. We noticed that there was something wrong with the plates. They gave us small platters that reminded us we should observe refinement of movement while eating and our utensils were really huge. We were mainly eating chicken, pasta, and pizza, so small paltter was a disaster. It was too messy and uncomfortable. We were quietly complaining about the plates, when Ramon could no longer bear the situation and asked for a bigger plate. I followed suit and the rest of the dining experience became a breeze.

Although I was still full when we got there, I had a little of evrything :). I enjoyed the soup with has a very rich taste I also enjoyed the Kokoburi fried chicken and was never a fan of the soy garlic chicken. Jossa on the othere hand, kept on complaining about how her minimal serving of pasta presented in huge hat-like plate. It seemed like an evening full of plate-related-issue so i really hope Kokuburi do something about this. Maybe i was too full to enjoy the food tonight, but as always, the food they serve in Kokoburi is a delight. The interiors is still wonderful and staff are very courteous and attentive.

After dinner, we dropped by the newly opened Starbucks in BerthaPhil and the store was indeeed a good place. The barista changed my name and wrote Paul instead of Bong. I also noticed our table inside was too small, so we transferred in their nicely built veranda and enjoyed the rest of the cold rainy evening.



Koko Buri is located in Clark and San Fernando Pampanga, and Subic.
Visit their FB at :

taco affair



Rumpa, located in Balibago is a small restaurant that has been around business for quite some time now. I remember going here when I was in college and that was roughly 13 years ago. They also have another and bigger branch in downtown Angeles, but I prefer the original place. 



The place is known for their tacos and sweet iced tea. The place is not on the fancy side, instead, it remains cozy and dim lit, the typical ambiance that I like because it’s low-key,homey, and quiet.  The only problem is that the resto closes at 10 pm, so one has to be in the place early to grab their popular meals. Image




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