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white balance


can’t figure out the riddle of this time
analogies of times when the rush reaches far



rummages of forlorn youth in the box
lullabies with sad endings in blur
in the clasps of vintage locket, fastened.


Tonight, the lowly begs that these images just fade
over the course of what seems a lasting night…




clasped stares penetrate,
and beyond what the eyes
reach or the soul feels
lives an undeniable desire,
irrevocable judgement of the damned
timid heart, wanting more
one time, just this time


bakas (poetry set)


nanding abak mamulayi ku

panagalan ing oras ning panawun

obat kasakit

sobra kaluwat

manaya, makaynip

meyari ing aldo

ing pagal na pating apun kung bubwat

mewalang antimo bula

keng suluk

na ning mundong masigla

keng gilid na ning lubak

na dalan

ikit kung agad

ing kislap


mata mung

kalupa ke ring



dintang ne keni

ing kulimlim at ‘angin

merimla mu rin


matas na lundag

mitdas keng maling dalpak

menasakit ku


clandestine plea


2016-02-04 08.20.26 1.jpg

dawn @bongwarpedmind

Dance with me tonight
under the spell that binds the souls.

Your sweet breath I will inhale
and my life will again be whole.

Call the sweet angels tonight
and whisper them my longing plea;
risk a chance and feel the warmth
light up the dark sleeping sea.

The breath, in turn i shall give back to thee
oh please, please dance one dance with me.
Just glide and feel the rhythm of my body,
rise from the dark sleeping sea.

rapid scheme


Palan, Zambales by @bongwarpedmind

dazed in the ethereal shadow of beauty
under the spell of the mesmerizing charm
yearning for the touch of an angel
almost reachable, yet so far
conniving soul, a heartless creature
agony and pain, ruthless pity
reality is fraud, pretensions surface
lasting in eternal race
in the sequence of the subsequent events
that the silent heart, awaken by shake
of the ethereal shadow of beauty




a glimpse

of darkness

to see


it takes a few steps

outside the

walls of a box


envelops the soul

who weeps for

the disappointments


the attempts

that are never finished

there is only so much

a man can do

to fight the attack

of loneliness

and the stronger attack

of failure.

notorious decadence

the flow
of patience
like a volcano
it has reached
the verge
of damnation
the string of anger
was broken
in a snap
as the shadow
of cruelty
of disrespect
of morose pain
and of the
murderous silence
can’t seize
the flaccid
and wounded
you have chosen
to go back to
the old ways,
and just like
I go back
to black


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