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This is what art is about

The National Museum is a just across the University I am attending, and it’s a shame that I only had time to visit it today. Unfortunately, I went there 30 minutes before closing time, so I was not able to explore everything.

This short trip reminded me that the creative and artistic talents of Filipinos and our rich cultural gems are national treasures we all should be proud of.

I will definitely be back soon and I will see to it that I have ample time to admire the talent of the Filipino artists.




Design Factor

I always believe that the value of aesthetics solely does not end in the eye of the beholder. The creator is all the more responsible for retaining the eye for beauty. Unfortunately, the latter can never be purchased.

Animation & Design – Matt Greenwood –
Music by Proem –

Exploring the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient

The grandeur of the Philippines is highlighted in this series of awesome videos. This collaboration of creativity makes anyone forget of corruption, and other anomalies in our  country.

Thank you so much to the talented creators of this wonderful content. This collection of reel just gives us hope and somehow retains our national pride.


This beautiful film was produced by Joshua Cowan, a 21 year old filmmaker from London, who focused on the Philippines’ incredible Volcanoes & National Parks.

He travelled there with his good friend, Jack Harries (one half of the inimitable JacksGap twins), and a new friend, his high-flying drone cam.

This film was produced by Mollie Mills, an award-winning young filmmaker from East London, who focused on the beaches of the Philippines.

This breathtaking film was produced by Ben Dowie, an independent filmmaker from Adelaide, who took on the theme of island hopping in the Philippines.

This evocative film was produced by Maggie Olkuska, a fantastic young filmmaker from Copenhagen, who visited several social community projects run by Gawad Kalinga.

Videos and Captions from STA Travel Youtube Channel:

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