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Visual Vibes at its finest

This is a stunning visual vibe by the ever talented film-maker, Mr. Ben Brown.


Lovely Evening @25 Seeds

This beautiful place by Chef Sau del Rosario promotes delectable farm-to-table cuisine. Situated in the heart in the heart of Angeles City’s heritage district, 25 Seeds will definitely satisfy anyone’s penchant for good food and a cozy ambiance.

Kudos to all the force behind this.



2F Dycaico Ancestral House, Barangay Sto. Rosario
Angeles City

Call 0905 257 7149



white balance


can’t figure out the riddle of this time
analogies of times when the rush reaches far



rummages of forlorn youth in the box
lullabies with sad endings in blur
in the clasps of vintage locket, fastened.


Tonight, the lowly begs that these images just fade
over the course of what seems a lasting night…



clasped stares penetrate,
and beyond what the eyes
reach or the soul feels
lives an undeniable desire,
irrevocable judgement of the damned
timid heart, wanting more
one time, just this time


Artsy Cafes in the Pine City



After Chel Yel introduced his favorite place, the Tsokolateira, to us in Baguio, he toured us in two other hidden artsy cafes along session road. Yesterday was rainy Sunday in the summer Capital, and due to limited time, we did not have the grand time to really enjoy the places. However, the places we visited are truly interesting and would easily be on top of my itinerary list on my next visit, which hopefully is soon.


This is what art is about

The National Museum is a just across the University I am attending, and it’s a shame that I only had time to visit it today. Unfortunately, I went there 30 minutes before closing time, so I was not able to explore everything.

This short trip reminded me that the creative and artistic talents of Filipinos and our rich cultural gems are national treasures we all should be proud of.

I will definitely be back soon and I will see to it that I have ample time to admire the talent of the Filipino artists.



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