I have been watching this for several times now this week, and I still cannot believe UP Pep Squad was defeated by NU Pep Squad for the second time now. Last year, the UP Pep had a few falls causing the squad major deductions albeit the very strong performance. But this time, the UP Pep has proven their worth on the dance floor as they executed a stellar routine not even close to any of the contending squad. Known for their social, political, or cultural awareness themes for their annual  (except for last year’s very contemporary party theme) routine, and their unique moves, UP Pep Squad gave a very clear message on equality with stunts that will definitely be seen on other squads next year. With such confidence, assurance, and style or what is modernly referred to as “swag”, the UP Pep Squad has a pool of performers who understand what they are doing.

Looking forward for their next year’s performance.


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2 responses to “equali-“team””

  1. tabularin0a says :

    one NU member nearly fell in the first part of the routine, i guess the judges saw that it was riskier. other than that I too don’t see how they won over UP


    • warped mind musings says :

      What we saw in NU’s routine may have been an easy task for the UP Pep Squad. NU’s stunts actually reminds me of the previous display of difficult stunts of the UP Pep Squad. But we know that a true champion spirit will never settle for easy nor previous.


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